SAP Data Archiving


Over the time after R/3 system go-live, the amount of data in SAP database accumulates until it begins to degrade system performance.  Business users experience longer online transaction processing times as R/3 system hunts through large and growing database tables to process requests. IT staffs struggle with longer batch runs and increased database backup and restore times. It seems taking forever to do regular system maintenances, don’t even mention a prospected major system upgrade. Disk Storage space fills up, forcing add-on storage purchases and increasing infrastructure costs. And as more modules are added on and additional sites go live, the R/3 database only grows more quickly. The solution is to remove the data from R/3 database that is no longer needed online.  In many cases, merely deleting data from database is not possible, since there may be subsequent business and legal considerations. Read-access to data objects may be required at a later date – for example, business users often need to access those data to resolve customer service problems, to generate reports, or to facilitate analysis, or, regulatory requirements imposed by agencies from the FDA to IRS mandate the retention of specific data for years. Therefore, the data must not only be removed from the database, but also be preserved and stored in a way so that direct read-access is still possible if requirements arise.
SAP Data Archiving is the only method supported by SAP for consistently removing data from the database, and subsequently maintaining the availability or read-access. The SAP Data Archiving concept is based on the Archive Development Kit (ADK). The ADK provides the technical basis for the archiving transaction (SARA). Archiving objects for each application component are predefined in the system.
Due to different kinds of business Data from different SAP Modules, we as the People4u has defined 2 levels of solutions of Data archiving R/3.

1. Data archiving with external archiving system (IXOS/PBS/Easy Archive):
This solution provides a full external Data Archiving R3 solution, with expanded retrieval methods, and extended expiration dates on the archived data... read more

2. Data archiving without external system:
This solution provides a full archiving solution without an external archiving system, with standard SAP retrieval more